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My Mr Miyagi

I knew I needed to find my HR 'voice' and start letting people know what I think about HR, give them a bit of insight into me, who I am and why I chose HR as my profession and what I've learned along the way; but I've really struggled to get started. I wanted a theme, a golden thread if you will that will tie my blog together. I hope to cover several themes #valueinpeople obviously, the challenges that come with being #standaloneHRManager particularly in the #caresector as well as #leadership #coaching #recruitment #communication #values #valuesbasedbehaviour #valuesbasedmotivation even a bit of #parenting and #relationships when I notice a parallel. But how could I link all these themes together?

I looked back on the most recent steps of journey and there is a chap who I credit with sending me down this path. He was a consultant that we had engaged to support our leadership team in becoming strategically aligned. At our first development day with the wider team he took me to one side and told me that I was responsible for bringing these people together, that no-one else would credit me for my efforts and the difference that I was making but he had seen and he knew it was my contribution that brought everyone together that day. Then he gave me a book, he told me it was a weird book but he thought I'd get it. The book was well thumbed with folded down corners marking specific passages. As I began to read, I got over its weirdness and he was right, I got it. This Danielle-son had found her Mr Miyagi.

And now I have found the golden thread for my blog.

"The Leader's Teachers - They could clarify events for others, because they had done it for themselves. They could speak to the depths of another person, because they had known their own deeper conflicts and blocks. Because they had given up selfishness, they could enhance others."


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