• Cath Dixon

No jab, no job? No thanks

I was asked recently what to do about care staff who do not want the Covid19 vaccination, my advice is to do as you would with any resident or client that was refusing care and take a person-centred approach to your staff.

Seek to understand their concerns about the vaccine; share your knowledge and information (not your opinion) to ensure that they are making an informed choice.

Be Kind - They are likely to be fearful or worried, empathise and reassure them that you will not try to force them into taking it nor will you judge them for their decision.

You already have the ability to persuade reluctant people into accepting care or treatment and you have the capacity to continue to care and support people when they make "unwise choices" for themselves - you do this every day in your day job, just switch on your person-centred approach when dealing with your staff on the matter of vaccines.

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