• Cath Dixon

Its the little things

I noticed a care assistant glibly remark on social media that she'd had a swift phone call from her manager to follow up on a complaint that she'd made by email, yet her holiday request was still awaiting response; it got me thinking.

It won't be long before we can meet outdoors again in two households or groups of six and people will want to take some leave to see their loved ones who live further away. Having worked the hardiest they have ever had to work for the past 12 months people will not only be looking forward to time off to see family, they also need some time to rest, regroup and refill their tanks.

Its very easy for holiday approvals to feel like a low priority admin task that get left to pile up; but think about what that holiday request means to that individual, what message does that carer get when their leave request is given a low priority and not responded to for days, even weeks?

You don't have to drop everything and respond at the drop of a hat, just set some expectations about how you will manage leave requests and approvals. Plan to do it once a week, let people know what day of the week you will look at leave requests and be consistent in ensuring that you do - it will mean a lot right now.

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