• Cath Dixon

A swamp full of crocodiles

I do love a good analogy and at a meeting recently Richard Scott ✔ introduced me to a great one; I think it might be one that I continue to roll out on a regular basis.

Imagine you are kayaking through a swamp when you see a bunch of crocodiles ahead, you change direction to find only more crocodiles and now you're surrounded and they are closing in on you.

You can stay where you are and fight off each crocodile as it tries to attack you, you're strong and resilient and you can keep fighting for quite a while, but all the time you'll remain in the middle of the swamp and the crocodiles keep coming.

Or you can try and paddle your way out of the swamp, the way out is against the current, it'll be a hard slog and you might sustain a few crocodile bites along the way but you will eventually leave the swamp and the crocodiles behind.

You have to focus on paddling out of the swamp. It's scary and dangerous but less so than the stay and fight option where the outcome is inevitable.

If you're already brawling with crocodiles then its really hard to look up and see the way out of the swamp, but

you have to stop, look and decide to change your plan of action.

I'm here ready show you the path out of the swamp, but you have to stop and look up to see me.

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