Mandatory Vaccine Consultation

Recommended Timescales for Consultation

When do you need to start consultation?  Now! The clock is already ticking!


Vaccine Record

Make sure that you capture all the information that you need to satisfy CQC with this form.

Invite to Consultation Meeting

Invite your employee to a consultation meeting.

Versions for those on Long Term Sickness

and those on Maternity Leave

Note sure what to say, here's a handy script.

Record of Consultation

After the meeting, send a letter confirming your discussions:



Maternity Leave

Medically Exempt (including self-certificate)

Dismissal Meeting

What to do if you receive a Grievance regarding Mandatory Vaccinations

Formalising Medical Exemption with an NHS COVID Pass

The NHS Covid Pass System went live on 1 October 2021.  Those who have self-certified a medical exemption have until 23 December 2021 to obtain a COVID pass by ringing 119 to make an application.

Letter to request COVID Pass including guidance.

Invite to a dismissal meeting where a COVID Pass has not been provided.

Script for a Dismissal Meeting where a COVID Pass has not been provided. 

Dismissal Letter where a COVID Pass has not been provided.

More to follow...

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