HR Templates for the Care Sector

These templates are free for you to download, customise and use.  

Managing Performance

All you need for managing the performance of your team, from day to day supervision to performance improvement plans.

Don't over-complicate your supervision meetings, this form gives you a short and sweet template to take you through the key points to capture.

A simple form to record an annual performance and development review.

A more complex form with competency assessment.

Staff member not performing? Use this template to to set SMART targets that really help you and them pin down what they need to do to improve.

Disciplinary Investigation

The investigation stage of a disciplinary is key to a safe and fair process. It can be hard to work out what you do and don't need to include, these templates help you navigate that process.

Failure to plan is to plan to fail.  Use this template to plan your investigation.

Once you've collected all the witness statements and evidence it can be helpful to summarise this in a report.  Following this template helps me ensure that I'm clear on all the facts and to spot any gaps in the investigation before we get to disciplinary. 

Health and Wellbeing

Helpful templates to support you and your team when experiencing health issues.

Has your employee been off for more than 7 days and not provided a GP Certificate?
Or have they not provided an updated certificate since their last certificate expired?

Use this template to remind them, it also includes a follow up should their certificate not arrive.

Need a GP report? The you need consent from your employee first.

Offering your night workers a health screen on an annual basis is a requirement of the Working Time Directive.  This simple form ticks the right boxes and helps you spot those who may need a bit more support.

We all need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.  Print some of these off and leave them in your staff room to encourage your team to take a moment for themselves.

Other Useful Templates

Helpful templates to support you and your team when experiencing health issues.

Have you got everything you need on file for when CQC come knocking?

So their DBS came back with a conviction, now what? This template will help you evidence to CQC that you fully risk assessed.

These pick and mix questions can be used for all roles from Care Assistant to Catering.

Missing Something?

Were you looking for a template that is not listed here?  Contact me to request a template to be added to this page.