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Residential and nursing care for older people will always hold a special place in my heart. I lost all my grandparents before I was eight and I've always remembered my mum saying we'd have to "adopt a new granny" but we never did.  I think I've spent the past 20 years making up for that omission.

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Refresh & Revive

Choose from a range of programmes to find the right mix to Refresh & Revive your care team.


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Care Culture Spiral

Why Covid19 risks sending care homes into a toxic culture spiral.

The care sector traditionally attracts a certain type of person, one whose vocation in life is to put the care of others first; those same people progress through their career and into management roles. If Care Managers are not supported and empowered they rarely get the chance to develop into Care Leaders; instead they start to spiral into an increasingly destructive culture.


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Reverse the Spiral

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